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Jaxon’s Watered-Down Hands Wednesday, June 11, 2008

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We went to the beach and the boys played in the water for a long while.  When it was time to go, Jaxon thought his hands looked funny all wrinkled from the water.


Camping with the Sowerby’s

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I love camping.  In May, we went camping with our neighbors, Max, Suzanna and their cute baby girl, Gillian.  We went to Goose Island State Park.  It wasn’t that far from home but, far enough where we could relax and enjoy it all.  Goose Island has the largest Live Oak tree in the United States (world?).  And, it was impressive.  There was lots of interesting wildlife.  I tried to get it all.  However, I was unable (or unwilling) to get a picture of the raccoon who woke us up in the middle of the night the first night so he could steal out marshmallows.

I love this picture of the boys in the wildflowers.  There were wildflowers EVERYWHERE.

Goofy Kids Silly Kid

Jaxon HAD to take his ukulele because Allen always takes his guitar.  Jaxon would walk around camp and stuff, just like Allen does with his guitar, playing songs and singing.

Allen with his guitar Jaxon with his ukulele (like Dad!)

Allen making lunch Zane Jaxon

The Sowerby’s

The Cook’s

Allen - camping at Goose Island The Boys camping at Goose Island Zane

Us camping with the Sowerby's Me & Jaxon (taken by Zane) Allen and Max - camping at Goose Island Max

Sometimes, it felt like the kids were EVERYWHERE!

Here is some of the cool stuff we saw.  The little green frogs, you could find in the bathrooms after dark.  They would hang out at the lights and wait for the bugs to come by for feasting purposes.  Of course, this was right above the showers so, I was afraid I would accidentally hurt one.  But, no, I didn’t.  A ranger told me and the boys were we could find some leopard frogs.  However, we were not as willing as we had anticipated to go tromping through muddy ditches with knee-high grass in alligator and snake country.  Maybe next time.   We went on a hiking trail and we are going along, there is us and nature and then, suddenly, a bench.  I think there should be benches in the middle of nothing all the time.

The Goose Island Oak Flower Big Oak Tree

Green Tree Frog Green Tree Frogs in the bathroom A lizard at Goose Island State Park A rabbit at Goose Island State Park Flowers Red Berries Gazillions of Live Oak Trees Bridge in path Purple Flowers A mushroom Yellow Flower Pretty Flower Bench in the middle of no where Squirrel on stump Cardinal


Natural Bridge Caverns and Wildlife Park

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Not too long ago (in May), we went to Natural Bridge Caverns and Natural Bridge Wildlife Park. It was me, Zane, Jaxon, Danielle and my mom. It was a lot more fun than I had thought it was going to be. I love caves and all the different breeds of animals at the wildlife park was really interesting. Anyway, here are the pictures.

Natural Bridge Caverns Natural Bridge Caverns Natural Bridge Caverns

I love the Caver’s Creed. It should be a motto for almost any foray into nature.

Once we were in the cave, it was rather dark. There were lights to light the way but not bright lights. So, any pictures you see of my mom and the kids, I am blinding them! But they didn’t mind.

Natural Bridge Caverns Natural Bridge Caverns Natural Bridge Caverns Natural Bridge Caverns

Natural Bridge Cavern Natural Bridge Cavern Natural Bridge Cavern

This is a picture of Danielle’s pants to show people how humid and damp it was inside the cave. All of the bottom of her pants are soaking wet!


When you go in they give you a book that tells you what everything is. I do not have that book so, they are not labeled. I am sure you can identify the ones I can and can’t identify the ones I can’t so, it is pointless to label them all. You drive through the park and most of these animals are right by the road or in the road or trying to climb in the car.

Natural Bridge Wildlife Park Natural Bridge Wildlife Park Natural Bridge Wildlife Park Natural Bridge Wildlife Park Natural Bridge Wildlife Park Water Buffalo Natural Bridge Wildlife Park Natural Bridge Wildlife Park Ostrich Natural Bridge Wildlife Park Natural Bridge Wildlife Park Wallaby

Peacock Peacock

Rhea Water Buffalo

LOOK! They are fighting!

Buffalo Natural Bridge Wildlife Park Natural Bridge Wildlife Park Baby Giraffe Baby Zebra Zebra Momma and Baby

Natural Bridge Wildlife Park Llama Llama


Spider Thursday, April 3, 2008

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This is a spider Allen discovered last night making a web in our back yard.  We took a ton of pictures trying to get the perfect one.  I have looked through all types of spider websites and can’t find what it is yet.  I will keep looking.  It was maybe around 2 inches or so, with the legs.   It was huge.  It was the fattest spider I have seen in a long time that wasn’t in a zoo or behind glass somewhere.  I think it is a type of orb-weaver spider but, I don’t know what kind.  If you know, let me know.  This morning, the spider was gone and so was his web.  So, if Allen hadn’t accidentally seen it in the dark, we wouldn’t have even known it was there.  It is not very gratifying to know my yard can support the appetite of a spider that large.   Oh well.  Check out how the design on the back looks like a skull!  I thought that was really cool.

Spider Spider Spider

Spider Spider Spider

Spider Spider Spider



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These pictures were taken Easter Sunday at Pop’s house.  There was a tree in the back with a branch just perfect for climbing, I thought.  Zane thought so also.  However, he needed a little help to get up there (three people).  Then, when he got up there, he was so startled by the height, he wouldn’t move around.  Kaitlyn had no problems moving around and Danielle climbed the other tree in HEELS!  It was fun, and funny.

Kids in the Tree  Kids in the Tree  Kids in the Tree


High Atop the Sand Dunes… Wednesday, March 19, 2008

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This is us at the beach.  Allen and I thought the water was still a little bit cold but, the kids didn’t think so.  And, of course, we had to go and check out the dunes.  These were from February.  It is hard to believe we could go to the beach in February.  We haven’t gotten a chance so far this month, despite record highs.  Right now, it is spring break.  Which means a lot of stupid, disrespectful people at the beach right now.  We tend to stay away from there around now.


Picture Pages Saturday, March 8, 2008

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So, I know on the previous entry, I ranted about not getting a Flickr pro account.  But, I did it anyway.  I can organize the pictures a lot easier.  In fact, I grouped the pictures into sets and then grouped the sets into collections.  Fun times, fun times.  I will EVENTUALLY, get some of the pictures posted here with the story of the pictures.  However, if you can not wait that long, you can go to my flickr page.  For all the wonderful additions.  I know this may come as I surprise to many of you, but, there are actually pictures of me on there.  That’s right.  I decided it was time.  So, check it out and look for some of my favorite ones to be up here soon.  Here is a teaser of things to come.