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Free Food for Kiddos! Friday, May 29, 2009

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So, I discovered, by accident, that there is a program put on by the state of Texas to give all kids under the age of 18 free meals during the summer.  Yep.  In my area, the kids can get a snack and a lunch with no hassle and fuss at area schools, all they need to do, is show up at the correct times.  You do not have to show proof of income or age.  And, you don’t have to register or get tickets to participate.  So, want to know if there is anything in your area of the state?  Go to www.SummerFood.org.  For some reason, it didn’t show anything when I searched for something within my city but, when I searched by county, it showed quite a few in my city.  Weird but, true.  I think this is a great thing for anyone with kids out there.  And, something I should tell everyone about!


Wall-E Wednesday, July 9, 2008

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Wall-e was the most adorable cartoon character ever.  The whole movie was great.  It had a great message that I will not even hint at for those of you who haven’t seen it yet.  It led to a nice discussion after the movie.  The pre-cartoon cartoon, that Pixar always throws in, was hilarious.  I was laughing so hard.  I love magic and bunny rabbits (that I do not have to take care of).  I think every film should have a short cartoon at the beginning.  At least, any film I go see.  We knew Jaxon loved it because he didn’t have to go to the bathroom even once while it was on.  Whenever he is bored, he decides an expedition to the bathroom will cure him of the boredom.  Anyway, so if you haven’t seen this movie, go see it.  I recommend it.


Pop’s Wedding Wednesday, June 11, 2008

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So, my grandfather got married last weekend.  He married a really spunky, fun lady named Edna.  My camera refused to take any good pictures from inside the church.  So, I do not have very many.  Carrie took some good pictures on Kelly’s camera and I am supposed to be sent copies. Here are some highlights from my camera.

My Awesomely Dressed-Up Family


The cake and reception area looked really nice.  Aunt Margaret laid out the napkins.  I was so impressed I had to take a picture of them.  It looks like she had a ruler to measure the perfect distance between them. But, she didn’t use a ruler.  Yeah, she is that good

100_2426 100_2427

This was our crazy row, starting with me (taking the picture), then you can barely see Zane’s arm, a blurry Jaxon, Kelly, Jordan, Jersey, Allison, Cameron, Kyle, and Carrie.

Pops with his best man, Uncle Earl, waiting for Edna to come down the isle.

The Ushers, Eugene and Allen

Pops and Edna cutting the cake.

100_2446 100_2447 100_2448 100_2449 100_2450 100_2451

Some family pictures…our family corner, Kelly, Uncle Bryan and Aunt Margaret…

100_2455 100_2456 100_2460

My adorable new shoes


Lady, Can I Get You a Drink or What?

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I do not know why I find these pictures so funny but, they are.  Allen’s band had an early, live recording session and  they had hot dogs and stuff.  It was like a picnic at a bar.  We were able to bring kids with us so, we did.



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Jaxon came and laid down next to me and laid his toys out on him, like in the picture, and said, “Look Mom!” I looked and said, “Oh, are they sleeping?” And Jaxon said, “No, they are trying to defeat me.”


Jaxon’s Watered-Down Hands

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We went to the beach and the boys played in the water for a long while.  When it was time to go, Jaxon thought his hands looked funny all wrinkled from the water.


Camping with the Sowerby’s

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I love camping.  In May, we went camping with our neighbors, Max, Suzanna and their cute baby girl, Gillian.  We went to Goose Island State Park.  It wasn’t that far from home but, far enough where we could relax and enjoy it all.  Goose Island has the largest Live Oak tree in the United States (world?).  And, it was impressive.  There was lots of interesting wildlife.  I tried to get it all.  However, I was unable (or unwilling) to get a picture of the raccoon who woke us up in the middle of the night the first night so he could steal out marshmallows.

I love this picture of the boys in the wildflowers.  There were wildflowers EVERYWHERE.

Goofy Kids Silly Kid

Jaxon HAD to take his ukulele because Allen always takes his guitar.  Jaxon would walk around camp and stuff, just like Allen does with his guitar, playing songs and singing.

Allen with his guitar Jaxon with his ukulele (like Dad!)

Allen making lunch Zane Jaxon

The Sowerby’s

The Cook’s

Allen - camping at Goose Island The Boys camping at Goose Island Zane

Us camping with the Sowerby's Me & Jaxon (taken by Zane) Allen and Max - camping at Goose Island Max

Sometimes, it felt like the kids were EVERYWHERE!

Here is some of the cool stuff we saw.  The little green frogs, you could find in the bathrooms after dark.  They would hang out at the lights and wait for the bugs to come by for feasting purposes.  Of course, this was right above the showers so, I was afraid I would accidentally hurt one.  But, no, I didn’t.  A ranger told me and the boys were we could find some leopard frogs.  However, we were not as willing as we had anticipated to go tromping through muddy ditches with knee-high grass in alligator and snake country.  Maybe next time.   We went on a hiking trail and we are going along, there is us and nature and then, suddenly, a bench.  I think there should be benches in the middle of nothing all the time.

The Goose Island Oak Flower Big Oak Tree

Green Tree Frog Green Tree Frogs in the bathroom A lizard at Goose Island State Park A rabbit at Goose Island State Park Flowers Red Berries Gazillions of Live Oak Trees Bridge in path Purple Flowers A mushroom Yellow Flower Pretty Flower Bench in the middle of no where Squirrel on stump Cardinal