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Our Story Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Once upon a time, there lived a gorgeous prince. As gorgeous as the prince was, he was very lonely. The prince searched and searched for his one true love. He glimpsed her once only to allow her to get away from him. But, he did not worry because he now knew what she looked like. So, the prince lived his life in suspended animation eagerly anticipating the return of his beloved. Eventually, by accident, the two souls destined to be together were reunited. Although the prince thought he wasn’t worthy of his princess, she disagreed and the two were wed on a glorious day with the sun shining, the birds chirping, harmony abounding and the world giddy with happiness. The prince and princess were sublimely happy. They soon discovered their everlasting love had produced wonderful consequences and, with much fanfare, they welcomed a perfect little boy into the world. Soon after, a huge, dark cloud came to hover over them. However, this was no problem for the family built from love and with a little bit of patience, the new family weathered out the storm from the cloud becoming wiser from the battle. Now, even though the family was completely happy, the princess decided she just had to have another baby. Their little boy was older now and so imaginative and wonderful and he wanted a baby to play with and share the overabundance of love he had. So, the prince and the princess practiced and practiced and practiced until they had another little baby boy. This baby boy loved his big brother as much as his big brother loved him. They soon became inseparable.  Eventually, the prince became king and, the princess queen.  Then they, along with their two perfect boys loved happily ever after, adding to their story as time went on.  This is where you will find tidbits from their life.


6 Responses to “Our Story”

  1. Frank Says:

    Cool website….FBP

  2. Momo Says:

    Being the the mother of the prince must mean I am now the queen mother, since you’ve taken over the queenship. The queen mother sits in her throne and still behaves as though she were the queen. Fortunately, the prince (now King) and the princess (now Queen) and their two princelings treat the queen mother as though she WERE a Queen! Prince Jason and princess Abby do, too!

  3. Momo Says:

    And, the big darkness that came upon the Prince and Princess was really the opposite side of the silver lining. Without the darkness, the queen mother would never have been able to wrest princeling Zane away from his adoring parents and a tradition that has been over nine years in the making would never have been started!

  4. mom Says:

    …..and the princess’s mother would wave to the young prince as she drove by him in a big yellow twinkie each day as he was walking home from his princely school and he was always nice and friendly and would smile and wave back – mmmmm maybe he knew something, even then, that the princess’s mom didn’t know yet – then one day the young prince and her daugher princess would fall in love, have a beautiful wedding, and give her two beautiful grand-princes – moral of this story: now the princess’s mother never waves to any more princes coming home from their princely school

  5. merle bucker Says:

    You forgot about the time the prince puked red wine in the jester’s front lawn. Such a ribald young man was the prince back then.

  6. wow nice love story, a true fairy tale

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