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Swimsuit Season is Nearly Here…Time for Your Tanning Implant! Friday, January 30, 2009

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So, follow this link (http://blog.wired.com/wiredscience/2009/01/tan.html?npu=1&mbid=yhp) for an interesting article about a new drug implanted into your skin that stimulates your body to produce melanin.  So, say you are white and pasty and do not tan well, then you may be able to get this implanted in the future so you do not have to endure that pesky sunlight, or tan smear lines, or ditzy tanning salon employees ever again.  Well, or at least during the couple months it lasts.  Hey!  No more tan lines!  Um, yeah.  “This will not be a cosmetic drug,” Wolgen told a biotech trad publication last year. “I oppose systemic treatment for cosmetics.” What other uses would having a tan be for?  They say for people with lowered immune systems and genetic disorders that don’t allow them to go out in the sun.  But, wouldn’t them having a tan be JUST for cosmetic reasons?  I mean, is there another reason someone needs a tan?