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Chicken Fried Bacon Wednesday, June 11, 2008

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Jennifer, over at Daily Foolishness has an ongoing thing with bacon. Personally, I think she should have her own category for bacon. She has found some really cool bacon items. I found this on youtube. Okay, okay, ALLEN found this on youtube. I do not know where Snook, Texas is but, it looks like we need to go there.

Healthy it ain’t! Chicken Fried Bacon is the newest fad in fatty foods, courtesy of Frank Sodolak at Sodolak’s Original Country Inn in Snook, TX. Texas Country Reporter Bob Phillips stops by for a taste.


What Am I, A Dog?

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Jennifer sent this to me. She got it from some friends in Germany. I simplified things by copying the first part from Jennifer’s blog.

In Germany it’s called throwing a little stick. The rules for this little stick they threw at me are:

1. Put a link to the person who threw the stick at you. [see above]

2. Mention the corresponding rules in your blog. [doing that now]

3. Tell everyone six unimportant things/habits/obsessions about you. [posted below]

4. Pass this stick to six other bloggers by linking them. [will do that after I do number 3]

5. Leave a comment at each person you choose to inform them that they are tagged. [will do that later]

6 Unimportant habits/obsessions

1. The clothes in the closet have to be all facing the same way with the hangers all facing the same way.

2. I read romance novels, like a lot, mostly historical.

3. I can procrastinate just about anything. (Jennifer sent this to me the end of May!)

4. All the towels have to be folded and stacked the same way.

5. When I mow the yard, I have to mow in a square, starting from the outside of the yard going in. And, then, when I am done mowing, I have to water the grass.

6. I, accidentally, started collecting buttons to do craft projects with and now have “favorite” ones that I save for extra-special projects.


Pop’s Wedding

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So, my grandfather got married last weekend.  He married a really spunky, fun lady named Edna.  My camera refused to take any good pictures from inside the church.  So, I do not have very many.  Carrie took some good pictures on Kelly’s camera and I am supposed to be sent copies. Here are some highlights from my camera.

My Awesomely Dressed-Up Family


The cake and reception area looked really nice.  Aunt Margaret laid out the napkins.  I was so impressed I had to take a picture of them.  It looks like she had a ruler to measure the perfect distance between them. But, she didn’t use a ruler.  Yeah, she is that good

100_2426 100_2427

This was our crazy row, starting with me (taking the picture), then you can barely see Zane’s arm, a blurry Jaxon, Kelly, Jordan, Jersey, Allison, Cameron, Kyle, and Carrie.

Pops with his best man, Uncle Earl, waiting for Edna to come down the isle.

The Ushers, Eugene and Allen

Pops and Edna cutting the cake.

100_2446 100_2447 100_2448 100_2449 100_2450 100_2451

Some family pictures…our family corner, Kelly, Uncle Bryan and Aunt Margaret…

100_2455 100_2456 100_2460

My adorable new shoes


Lady, Can I Get You a Drink or What?

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I do not know why I find these pictures so funny but, they are.  Allen’s band had an early, live recording session and  they had hot dogs and stuff.  It was like a picnic at a bar.  We were able to bring kids with us so, we did.



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Jaxon came and laid down next to me and laid his toys out on him, like in the picture, and said, “Look Mom!” I looked and said, “Oh, are they sleeping?” And Jaxon said, “No, they are trying to defeat me.”


Jaxon’s Watered-Down Hands

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We went to the beach and the boys played in the water for a long while.  When it was time to go, Jaxon thought his hands looked funny all wrinkled from the water.


Allen, LIVE

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This is a picture of Allen at the Hayes Carll/Corb Lund Show at the House of Rock.  I love the colors and all.