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My Allen Wednesday, March 19, 2008

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Allen has been real busy lately with his band, Hobo.  You can check out the band’s myspace page at myspace.com/texashobo.  It is a fun spot.  They have some really fun shows coming up that I am eagerly anticipating.   Here are some recent pictures of Allen.  A sort of, collage of Allen doing stuff.


Me and My Tattoo

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Here is a picture of me with my tattoo, for all of you who haven’t really seen it yet.  Ignore everything else.


High Atop the Sand Dunes…

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This is us at the beach.  Allen and I thought the water was still a little bit cold but, the kids didn’t think so.  And, of course, we had to go and check out the dunes.  These were from February.  It is hard to believe we could go to the beach in February.  We haven’t gotten a chance so far this month, despite record highs.  Right now, it is spring break.  Which means a lot of stupid, disrespectful people at the beach right now.  We tend to stay away from there around now.


Picture Pages Saturday, March 8, 2008

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So, I know on the previous entry, I ranted about not getting a Flickr pro account.  But, I did it anyway.  I can organize the pictures a lot easier.  In fact, I grouped the pictures into sets and then grouped the sets into collections.  Fun times, fun times.  I will EVENTUALLY, get some of the pictures posted here with the story of the pictures.  However, if you can not wait that long, you can go to my flickr page.  For all the wonderful additions.  I know this may come as I surprise to many of you, but, there are actually pictures of me on there.  That’s right.  I decided it was time.  So, check it out and look for some of my favorite ones to be up here soon.  Here is a teaser of things to come.