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Busy, busy, busy Thursday, February 28, 2008

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I have filled up my Flickr account with all my hoards of pictures for this month.  I could pay for a larger account but, I am cheap and unwilling to spend money for something I already have for free.  So, it looks like picture day will be the first of every month.  Luckily, it starts over every month.  So, I have a bazillion pictures of all the fun stuff we have been doing and tons of stories to tell but no pictures to go with them.  I am SO glad it is a short month.  So, check around the first of March and see what I got for ya.


De-motivation Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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Here are a couple de-motivational posters from ebaumsworld.com I found entertaining.



Just Watch It Tuesday, February 26, 2008

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Is it just me or do these guys seem like they are having WAY too much fun in prison.  These were all from a prison in the Philippines. There are lots more so, if you like these, check out youtube.  The best one’s are at guy named bryonfgarcia.  So, check them out.



Monday, Monday Thursday, February 7, 2008

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These are pictures from our walk on Monday to “our spot” by the water.  It was an amazingly great day.  Warm, breezy, bright and clear.  You know, the type of day you have to be in a good mood.


Our Spot Our Spot

Our Spot Our Spot



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Last weekend, there was that super-hate group/cult that posted a flyer saying they were coming to Corpus.  Naturally, like any normal, sane human being, I was a bit disgusted by the news.  I had already asked for Saturday off so, I used the opportunity to go down there and support everything going on.  According to the Corpus Christi Caller Times, there was almost three thousand people that showed up in support of the military, the largest in recent history.  It was awesome to be able to participate in something like.  It was the first time Allen and I have ever really joined a group to support something we believed in and it felt damn good.  So, now, we are totally going to be looking for the opportunity to do something similar again.  My dad and his wife participate with the Patriot Guard Riders so we knew they were there and found them.  In our looking, we also discovered my cousin, Eugene, working traffic as a Corpus Christi Police Officer.  He LOVED having everyone there mucking up traffic.  He said he wishes we could do something like that every week.  Okay, no, not really.  A friend of ours, and a new member of Allen’s band HOBO, Garry, was there with his group of people.  They decided since the super-hate group/cult didn’t show up and they didn’t have them to protest against, they would use the opportunity to protest the war.  Please re-read that part up above about close to three thousand people there to support the military if you don’t think Garry’s group’s idea was a little poorly thought out.  I was a little disappointed the super-hate group/cult didn’t show up.  It is always interesting to see, from a distance, what the face of hate looks like, but, I would have been intimidated by us too.  It does amaze me, however, that these people would have such strong hateful beliefs that they believe their god  gives them yet, so obviously fear death, well…at least a bad beating by a large group of people.  I will never come close to understanding them.  Anyway, here are some pictures from the rally.

My Dad and His Wife

My Cousin, Eugene…working


The Crowd and the Bikes and the Flags

Rally Rally Rally

Rally Rally Rally

Some cool signs

Rally Rally 

A Super Cool Bike