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Cook/Peterson Camping Trip Thursday, September 27, 2007

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So, this was the fourth year we have met up with the Peterson’s and gone camping.  We have gone to Garner State Park every year except last year.  Last year we went to the Guadalupe State Park.  It was a nice park but, there is just something about Garner that makes you want to go back.  It is always great to set time aside to relax with great friends and family.  Here is just a few pictures from our trip.  I filled up my flickr account with photos so, you can see more there. (Just click here to go to flickr.)  For some reason, I didn’t get a lot of pictures of Frank (sorry Frank).  I did get some great pictures of a gorgeously pregnant Cristen, though.  We had a very relaxing and wonderful time.  I hope everyone who was not there understands how jealous of us they should be. 

Garner State Park


You can go on a short little hike (that at times feels like miles) called the Crystal Cave trail.  At the top of the trail is a cave called Crystal Cave.  Before when we went, there was one bat and lots of crystals on the walls.  This year, there were not as many crystals but, there were quite a few bats.  Someone (Allen) had the bright idea (Allen) to just randomly snap pictures in the cave. (ALLEN)  The flash startled the bats which would then begin to fly around the cave. (ALLEN)  It enabled Allen to get a couple good pictures of bats flying.  I want you to also notice how close our heads are to the ceiling.  It was a little creepy but, it was still totally awesome to see bats.

The guys with their little guys Zane & Brandon Going in to Crystal Cave

Look...a cloud. The Boys in Crystal Cave Cristen in Crystal Cave

Gabe...hanging out Gabe

Allen &  the boys Cristen Brandon

Allen & the boys

Kids The Boys

Here is some of the cool things we saw while we were there, at least the ones I was able to get pictures of.

a doe, a deer, a female deer a lizard preying mantis

VULTURE catepiller 1 catepiller 2