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Quoted Wednesday, September 19, 2007

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I haven’t given you any quotes recently.  Here is one I found hilarious.

“I love being married. It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.”
  -Rita Rudner


Top Ten Ways to Destroy the Earth

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I found this really interesting top ten list at livescience.com.  It is for all you evil super-villains out there.  The Top ten Ways to Destroy the Earth.  Bum bum buuuuuummmmm.  Check it out.  They have other top ten things that may interest you as well, super villain or not. Click here to check it out.  The website is a really interesting website so, look around and explore a bit. 



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Well, the hummingbirds are back.  Yesterday, when I arrived home from work, there was a swarm all over my two feeders.  So, I moved the two feeders further apart.  I counted about twelve but, they move so fast you don’t know if you counted the same one twice or if another one flew in and you forgot to count it.  There are people who’s job it is to count birds.  I love watching the birds but, I don’t think I could count them.  I start then, they all start to blend in to their surroundings with their natural camouflage.  Allen and Zane were standing next to one of the feeders real still so the birds would come up within inches of them.  No, I didn’t get a picture of that but, I will try to real soon.  In fact, I didn’t take any pictures at all yesterday.  I was slacking.  I did take some pictures the first day and those are the ones I am putting up here. 

This was as close-up as my camera (and the hummingbird) would allow me to get.  I thought it was cool after I took the picture that the little guy was watching me as I was watching him.


Yes, I caught this picture of the hummingbird flying with my camera.  I was really surprised.  (So THAT’S what those “special” settings are for!)

Here is the little guy waiting to attack the next hummingbird daring enough to come near HIS feeder.  They are such brutal little things.   By the next evening, there were about four that formed some kind of hummingbird gang and were sharing the feeder but chasing everyone else off.  Occasionally, more would be there but, it was mainly those four.  I will call them the Hummingbird Mafia.  Hmm…Somehow, that doesn’t sound like something to be worried about…UNLESS YOU’RE A HUMMINGBIRD.  Bum bum BUM.