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Picklepop Friday, August 31, 2007

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Why, yes folks, it is a picklepop.  As you may or may not know, I like pickles.  However, I have two really odd kids who claim not to like pickles.  How can anyone not like pickles?  I wondered, “How can I improve on the basic pickle?”  And, this is what I came up with.  You may be wondering if it truly is an improvement.  No, it is not.  It was WAY too salty.  I think the kids liked it, though.  I guess I used the wrong kind of pickle juice.  Next time, (Yes, there WILL be a next time.) I will use a different type of pickle juice to see if it will be less salty.  We will just have to wait and see.  I know every single one of you will be eagerly anticipating my next attempt. 


Whatever tickles your fancy Thursday, August 30, 2007

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Aroused by Pie?  According to a survey, most men are turned on by pie.  Read this article here for more info:  http://dilbertblog.typepad.com/the_dilbert_blog/2007/08/aroused-by-pie.html


Just what you need?

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What is this you ask?  No, no one we know has hurt themselves.  This is an item up for sale on Ebay.  It always amazes me what some people will buy.  This is the autographed cast of Steven Colbert from the almost always funny Colbert Report.  All proceeds from the sale go to The Yellow Ribbon Fund.  It started out at 99 cents to start bidding.  Right now, as of August 30 at close enough to noon to be noon, the bidding has reached $16,900.  For a cast.  With signatures of friends of Steven Colbert on it.  With his dead skin cells and arm funk on the inside.  Amazing.  Brilliant, really.  Who would have thought that some person out in this world would rather buy some celebrity’s arm funked bandage to support a charity of the celebrity’s choice rather than…what?  hide in their mother’s basement and pretend they have a life?  I think Steven Colbert should sell his used toilet paper next.  How much do you think he’d get for that?  Some people are just ridiculous.  Who has that much money sitting around to spend on used bandages?   You know it HAS got to be some guy and, I bet he’s not married.  If my husband said, “Hey hon, I’m gonna blow enough money to send a small country in Africa into a sugar rush for a decade on some celebrity’s USED bandage but, the money goes to charity.”  I would probably say, “Okay, just take out the trash beforehand.”  No, seriously, I would MUCH rather just give the money to charity than have some stinkin’ used bandage lying around my house.  Then you do what with it?  Let the bandage sit there on a shelf until Steven Colbert dies, hopefully sooner rather than later, and hopefully tragically so you can get more money than you put into it for it?  No, really.  What do you do with a used bandage that you spent tons of money on?  Well, anyway…like I said, the bidding is up to $16,900. If you want to get in on it, you have until September 2.  And, it does go to charity after all. 


School Time Monday, August 27, 2007

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So, it’s school time, again.  This year we are trying out homeschooling with Zane.  It is a really scary thing to take your child’s education into your own hands. But, now that I think about it, isn’t that where it should have been all along?  I hope it will be as fun and educational for Zane as we think we can make it.  I have been looking stuff up online about homeschooling for sometime now.  However, recently I came across a really great website called Toad Haven.  It is one family’s experience in homeschooling.  The website is just a really fun site. 


…and I Helped! Saturday, August 25, 2007

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Trinity has been SO excited because her mom, my sister, was going to be down soon.  So, I offered the suggestion of making a sign for her to hold up at the airport when she arrives.  So, Trinity and I went to the store and got a wonderfully bright hot pink poster board, which is awesome by itself.  Then, we printed out the words on the computer and cut them out and glued them on the posterboard.  Then, we raided my craft box and I bought a little bit of extra stuff at the craft store and we decorated it all crazy like.  If Sandy doesn’t notice this thing when she gets off the plane, she must be blind.  I love the look.  In fact, I am rather proud of it. It looks kinda like a craft store had a massive tornado hit it and we came away with this…


So, right now, Trinity is waiting at the airport for her mom to get there to hold this sign up for her!


My First List Thursday, August 16, 2007

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DailyFoolishness has a list of stuff she’d like to do over time.  I thought the list was just brilliant.  However, I do not have the organizational skills necessary to put together a list of her magnitude.  Instead, I will randomly throw some lists up on here with at least 10 items and add to them when I can.  This will be my first list. Yippee. 

Extreme Things I Want To Do Before I Die

1. Color my hair an OBVIOUSLY unnatural color.
2. Write and publish a book.  Preferably Sci-fi but, whatever.  Preferably a best seller but, whatever.
3. Take part in an organized demonstration of something I feel strongly about.
4. Visit a country where English isn’t a common language.
5. Raft down the Colorado River or other major white water river.
6. Hang Glide.
7. Climb a mountain.  Like, take a multi-day trek up a mountain carrying everything with me.
8. Bungee jump.
9. Learn to scuba dive so I can go down into a shark cage and watch sharks in the ocean.
10. Go spelunking.


My Great Weekend Wednesday, August 15, 2007

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So, Allen and I saw Ween at Stubb’s in Austin Friday night.  It was a REALLY great concert.  I mean, REALLY great.  We should have gone to both shows but, now we know.  Next time.  It was only our second time to see Ween, the other time being at last year’s Austin City Limits.  That is when we vowed to see them next time they came anywhere near close to us.  The audience participation was phenomenal.  It made it feel like we were being a part of something special.  I WILL go see them again.  They are like auditory and visual heroin, one time just ain’t enough. (No, mom, I’ve never done heroin.  It is just a figure of speech.)  It was incredibly hot.  I had sweat running down me.  Because of that, and the fact that I was trying to stay cooler by not wearing socks, I had uncountable blisters on my feet.  It was my own stupidity.  This is a picture of the worst one.


After the concert, we went back to our camp at McKinney Falls State Park.  We had never stayed there before but, on the recommendation of Frank Peterson, who knows what he’s talking about, we decided to try it out.  It was a really nice park.  The sites were far enough away from each other that we felt almost alone.  It was very quiet and peaceful.  The water was a little higher than normal because of all the rain so, it was perfect for swimming. But, it wasn’t flowing down at a high rate of speed so, it was perfect for floating in one spot.  We had a wonderful, relaxing time.  Here are some pictures of our experience.  There may be more at our flickr account.

McKinney Falls


Our Campsite and Allen

campsite.jpg  allen2.jpg